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how to order ceramic mugs
How to order ceramic mugs

When every thing is confirmed, we will work on the 3rd step..


1.     Sales Confirmation

You will receive a Sales Confirmation/Proforma Invoice via email shortly after an order is placed. For your convenience, an estimated “delivery date” will also appear on the order confirmation form. Please go over the form very carefully to ensure that all the information is accurate. For any corrections or concerns, simply ‘reply’ back to that email, so that we may promptly correct any information prior to processing the order.

If you do not receive the emailed confirmation, please email either your sales representative directly, or email us at


 Spam filters/Firewalls

Check your spam or deleted folders to ensure that these important emails are not blocked due to firewalls or spam filters on your computer.

We will not be held responsible for failure of any email communication to you either due to incorrectly spelled email address, non-working e-mail address or spam filters that prohibit our emails from reaching you.


Estimated Delivery Dates

  Normal Production Time

The “estimated’ normal production time is 10-14 days after receipt of order when it’s a standard mug in stock list, and 45-60days after receipt of order when it’s an item which is not in our stock list. This timeline is also dependant upon the size of the order and/or the complexity of the artwork or process employed.

When you request a pre-production sample or a paper proof, the production time will only begin upon approval of the sample or proof. Therefore the timeline may be delayed several days past the original estimate.


Rush Production Time

We offer a 7-days rush service for standard models as well as a 30-Day Rush (production time only) service for no-standard models.

Rush orders should only be placed as a last resort. Custom printing entails intricate and detailed work, both on the part of the artist as well as the printer. The cost will be much higher than normal production order too. Therefore we recommend rush orders only as a last resort.

No pre-production sample are created for any rush orders only e-proofs are provided, besides, the customer should confirm the e-proof within 6 working hours, therefore the risk of error is higher with a rush order.


 Changing the Order

For any corrections or changes that may be necessary on a “normal turnaround” order, please reply back to the sales confirmation email immediately. All changes must be made before mass production. Failure to do so may result in incorrectly printed orders or delays in shipping. Once the order has left the sales department, we will be unable to change the order. Therefore note that we will not be held responsible for any changes requested after the 24hr period.


 Cancellation of Order

Ijarl begins production on incoming orders almost immediately. Our production line works 7 days a week in order to meet customers’ timelines. Another hand, a custom printed order may not be resold or restocked at our end; Therefore, we will not accept any order cancellation requests when that is not caused by our fault.


2.      Pre-production Proofs

Before mass production, We can actually produce an actual proof of your item with your imprint prior to running your entire order. We recommend this on all orders where time permits, but the samples will be delivered to you on your cost. Please let your contact person know if you would like a Pre-production proof, or just pictures proof by e-mail.


3.      Satisfaction Guaranteed. 100%.

We guarantee to ship the correct item with the correct imprint to the correct place to arrive on the correct day, or we'll take back your order at our expense and refund your money. In addition you'll receive a 10% credit off of your next order.

All products sold by Ijarl Porcelain are fully guaranteed for material and workmanship. Please note that we encourage you to take the opportunity to review a sample of the actual product before you order a bulk quantity. These samples are representative in nature and in certain instances there may be slight variations in the product you receive. These variations are always minor and can vary in exact product color, die-lots for apparel but in our experience this is rarely a problem.

All imprints are guaranteed to match the specifications detailed on our Proof sheet and order confirmation sheets which you are required to approve.

Sometimes, Ijarl makes several attempts to contact the customer in the event no artwork/logo/mark of carton/delivery note etc is received; therefore we will not be responsible for the timeline of an order if we do not receive the artwork/logo/mark of carton/delivery note etc which we need.

Another hand, we are not responsible for late receipt of any order due to any un-foreseeable circumstances, for example a lengthier proofing time, weather-related issues or delays on behalf of the shipping company etc.

We use a safety packaging to ship our products. In the event that damage is incurred, please send the e-mail to your contact person or . We will either replace or credit the damages pieces.


4.      Repeat orders

A repeat order (or “re-order”) may not bear the exact colors as in the “original” order. This is due to several factors relevant to the mixing of screen printing colors. Therefore, we strongly recommend that you send us a sample product from the original order PRIOR to placing the re-order, so that we may ensure a color match.

The imprint size of a re-order may also not match the imprint size of the original order. We therefore recommend that when placing a repeat order, you provide us with exact dimensions of the entire imprint size.

As you know the cost of living in China is growing very fast, and the RMB is still climbing up. So, we can’t promise the price of a repeat order will be the same. Before re-order, please contact your sales representative.


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