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How to order ceramic mug samples !

When you are satisfied at our price and terms, we can start with the 2nd stepíş


                         We are happy to offer you samples to help you with your purchase decision. Here's how it works:

* Spring Ceramic will provide up to 3 free samples which are listed on our catalogue or website to all the customers.

*For new models which need to be created, we will charge the customer each item 100.00 EUR or 160.00 USD, For new designs of decal print, the extra cost will be 100.00 EUR or 160.00 USD per item too.

*Once you become an old client to us, you can expect an increasingly lenient sample policy as we continue to work together on future projects.

*Due to occasional misuse of our sample policy, we reserve the right to refuse free samples to any party at our discretion.

          1.      How to develop a sample

   Firstly, you should give us a model for reference that can be chosen from our website & catalogue or collect by yourself. Then you can send us the artwork of the design which should be printed on the model.

A.      What graphic file type should I send you?

Art files can be created in Adobe Illustrator, Macromedia Freehand etc. EPS and AI etc vector format files are the best choices, but when you caní»t offer them, the other format files such as jpg, gif or tiff etc can be accepted too, but to be sure that, they should be big enough, more than 300dpi.

If you have any other questions, feel free to contact your contact person and they will help you to solve all the problems

B.      Where do I send my art?

Please send your artwork directly to your contact person. If you do not have a rep, please call +86-733-3267999 or write to to contact with an our  Specialist. We will give you a suggestion on where to send the artwork according to how big the artwork file is.

C.      What if I want a specific color match imprinted?

Many of our decoration methods allow for the opportunity to closely match the imprint color to a specific requirement. Customers who require specific color matching should provide us with "PMS" color numbers where applicable. PMS stands for Pantone Matching System ®. Be aware that all colors caní»t match exactly the same as the PMS. Another point is that, even repeat order caní»t be exactly the same in colors,

Our print method is í░Decal Printingí▒. This process is sometimes considered more of an art form than a science, as the resulting imprint color is unknown until after the í░firingí▒ process. Although the decal printing process is intense and time consuming, it is the only existing process that enables us to recreate complex, vibrant and multi-colored permanent images through the use of CMYK colors.

D.    What if I don't have artwork?

If you don't have artwork, it's not a problem. Sketch out or send us a file describing what you're looking for and we'll help you out.

If you can't find an acceptable electronic file that meets our requirements, you might consider asking the person who originally created your logo for a vector file and have it emailed to us. Sometimes when the files are large, our clients prefer to send us a disk.

We'll handle the artwork for you -- just send us the files & ideas or a hardcopy by email. Our skilled graphic artists will catch unforeseen problems, make recommendations, and review your artwork and lay it out for you on an e-proof.

*E-proof means the pictures which we make by PC to show you for reference before sampling.


2.     After all details are confirmed, we will issue a "Sample Request" for the customer to confirm, and then we will start the sample production.


3.     Sample Delivery

We are happy to ship samples to international & domestic customers. If you are outside of China, we will ask that you provide your DHL, FedEx or UPS account number for shipping charges. Please email an Spring Ceramic Specialist at  with any questions.

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